An innovation worthy of women

women at work

A little while ago, I found a refreshing perspective from a woman named Kathrine Zaleski, president of a specialised company called PowerToFly.

She is also a mother and wrote this piece on Fortune entitled: Female Company President: “I’m sorry to all the mothers I worked with.”

Zaleski wrote this piece outlining how the masculine structures inherent in the workforce are biased against women’s fertility, and affect everyone, including other women. Zaleski outlines how she used to assume the worst about working mothers and contributed to a workplace culture that makes life difficult for them.

A while back, I had a bit of a rage about the ridiculous perks that Apple and Facebook were offering their female employees. The issue with offering to pay for eggs freezing (but not presumably the IVF  needed to make use of those frozen eggs) is that it is merely a symptom of this toxic workplace culture that forces women to conform to masculine standards.

Zaleski has gone to the effort of actually trying to make a difference and challenge the conventions through the incredible possibilities that the Internet has opened up. Why, in the age of instant face-to-face communication, must we constantly be in an office from 9-5? Zaleski doesn’t believe that has to be the case and she has dedicated her career to connecting professional women with work that is flexible in both time and space.

This is the kind of innovation that we should be taking note of.


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