Neutering the Poor

Margret Sanger called, she want’s her policy back.

Contraception begins at home

Gary Johns is at it again with his proposed ‘solution’ to the problem of cyclical poverty. This time he has jumped on the outrage-wagon over footage of pregnant Billie Jo on Struggle Street. He has argued previously that all long-term welfare recipients should be mandated to take medium to long term contraceptives in order to prevent inter-generational poverty and alleviate the cost to taxpayers.

Whilst on the surface, it seems like a sensible idea, the implications of applying such a policy amounts a gross violation of human rights and a massive overstretch of government authority.

First of all, the burden of this policy falls completely on women. Women will have to bear the mental and physical consequences of powerful hormonal contraceptives. Although John’s has clarified, that should chemical contraceptives exist for men, they should be subject to the same policy. However, this is not the current reality. It is women who will have to make sure they are keeping up the dosages and they will bear the consequences of the inevitable failures. Men won’t have to change their behaviour whatsoever. They get to enjoy promiscuity whilst women get dosed up to their eyeballs in synthietic hormones hopping they won’t fail and if they do, they lose out even more and so does the child.

Johns, in an attempt to answer critics, has further ‘refined’ the thought. He suggests a method of implementation of such a policy which would require “A note from a doctor, that a woman has entered a course of medium term contraception would be sufficient to comply. A doctor’s note that it is not medically advisable would also satisfy the obligation.”

By ‘medium term’ contraception, I can only assume that he is referring to implants (lasting 3-5 years) or injections (1-3 months). They both have a variety of side effects such as irregular bleeding, delayed return to fertility, headaches, depression, weight gain, breast tenderness, and reductions in bone density.

Too bad if you are using a natural fertility method or have ethical objections to contraception. Thank goodness he’s allowed some relief for women on other medications which would negatively interact with the contraception!

Eugenics has reared its ugly head and it has a new friend in Johns. Eugenics seeks to eliminate poverty be eliminating poor people. It denies people their dignity. At worst, it treats poor people like feral animals and at best as incompetent children. The government is not a parent and it should not be wasting time and money micromanaging people’s fertility.

While government has a role in encouraging responsible parenthood, supporting families and providing social safety nets when family support structures fail, it has no place in dictating who can have children and who cannot by blackmailing women on welfare to submit themselves to temporary sterility.

Linking social welfare eligibility to agreement to undergo ‘temporary sterility’, which is the actual reality of this policy, is not only a passive overstretch of government but a gross violation of human rights.  Poor people are not feral animal populations that needs to be controlled. Women deserve better than John’s dehumanising eugenics and to have their fertility treated like the number one cause of poverty.

It has been a while since I updated this blog. Life got in the way and I am finally in a space, (and irritated enough) to start blogging again more regularly. Enjoy the first sample of it! There shall be more to come, though I won’t shoot myself in the foot by making promises I can’t keep. 


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