6 Yummy Things from Sicily

This is the first list! It is now complete and I managed to confine it to six! All the food here is delicious and fresh but there are some standouts:

1. Vongole

Le vongole are clams and they are just awesome. I love any clams, but these are off the charts. Sweet, fresh and salty. I am also so grateful that I am not allergic to them because they are just that delicious! I have had them witha simple white wine pasta and with pistachio pesto. Both were amazing but I think white wine is king when it comes to clams. If you’ve never liked clams and are in Sicily in summer, suspend your judgement and try them!

2. I pomodori.

We are in peak season for tomatoes and oh my Lord, they put any tomato you have ever eaten to shame! Australian tomatoes are often either flavourless or harshly acidic. Italian tomatoes are tasty and sweet. I could eat them like apples.


3. Frutti  di Bosco. 

Have you ever had that intense, sweet, sugary flavour of red lollies? A flavour that is somewhere between a strawberry and cherry and seems really artificial? That flavour is actually the natural flavour of these tiny wild strawberries. They are my favourite things and I just wish I could find a way to grow them at home.

4. Granita Ciocolata

This is just delicious. I am learnin how to make this and it is going to be the next big trend in Sydney. They have all kinds of flavours but chocolate is the best. Coffee comes at a close second and Peach comes third. Almond would have taken third easily except for the fact that all but one almond granita I tried had that overly strong amaretto/medicine taste.

6. Zoccola

These are bugs fresh caught from Brucoli and they are delicious. They have been roasted with some simple herbs and garlic. This little local secret in Brucoli and EVERYTHING was delicious. The waitresses spoke rapid-fire provincial Italian which was a great challenge too. If you’re ever in Brucoli you must go here.


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