3 Natural Wonders of Sicily You Need to See

So this is where I chronicle some of the beautiful natural environment that I had the joy to see and experience up close.

1. Mount Etna

Mount Etna is an active volcano that dominates the eastern coast of Sicily and she is amazing. Yes, it is, in fact, a she. The Sicilians refer to her as ‘The Lady’. She is a ‘nice’ volcano, with slow lava flows,   and fairly predictable eruptions that provide Sicily with ridiculously fertile soil for some phenomenally tasty agriculture.

IMG_2666If you’re going to Sicily, I highly recommend spending a couple of days hiking some of the trails. You can get all the way to the top if you’re fit enough! Downside is that the entire mountainside is covered with detritus from the lava flows and eruptions which take the form of a very loose gravel that is about a metre deep in places. I sunk into it up to my shins on one slope! Boots that cover you’re ankles are a must. I learned the hard way you need that extra support.

2. Sunrises at Priscilla

Since we were jet lagged, we got into the habit of being up early enough to catch the sunrise and it was alway spectacular. Watching the sun break the horizon over water was something I don’t get to see every day in eastern Australia.


3. Wild Flowers

All you northern hemisphere people are going to laugh at me, but the wildflowers were just beautiful! We don’t have many native flowers as delicate and tiny as some of the local flowers here. I picked most of these from Mount Etna (where they were just everywhere and a gorgeous source of colour in a green and black landscape. I just wish I could have taken the flower crowns I made home with me, but they will have to live forever in a picture on the internet instead.


Yes, I am finally getting around to publishing the rest of these posts… I also only just unpacked my bag two weeks later… Stay tuned for more!


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