Happy Feast Day To ME!

Today is the Feast of Saint Clare of Assisi who is my patron saint. The more I learn about this woman, the more I’ve come to love her. She had some serious spunk and is the only woman to have ever written a religious rule (which is a key constituting document that set down the rules for religious orders). In Italian, she is Santa Chiara and has a gorgeous basilica dedicated to her in her home town.

She is also the patron saint of television. ‘But wait!’ you say, ‘Isn’t she a 13th century saint? How the heck did she end up being the patron saint of TV?’ Well, Pope Pius XII in 1958 decided that that new-fangled picture box contraption that was appearing in everyone’s living rooms needed some divine assistance and so he chose Saint Clare. Why? The tradition says that an elderly Clare was bedridden and could not attend Mass. When the local priest came to give her communion afterwards, she corrected him on something in his homily. Astonished, (and probably slightly weirded out) he asked how did she know what he said in his homily? Clare told him that she saw a vision of the mass on her wall, like a window into the Church.

Update: Cradio has a great two minute overview of St Clare’s life. Listen in here.

So there you have it. She watched TV before it was even invented. BOOM. Her last words are some of the most profound words uttered on a deathbed. In fact I have made you a free printable! Feel free to print it for your personal use (A6 size). If you’d like to use it elsewhere, a credit and link back would be nice!

St Clare of Assisi


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