The PhD Thing

For those who do not know, this year I have embarked on a journey that will be the best and also the worst three years of my life that is called a Doctorate. Not the medical (useful) kind of doctor (which is technically, a Master of Medicine) but a Doctor of Philosophy in the field of International Relations.

International Relations (IR) is a related, but distinct field of political science that (obviously) focuses on international political dynamics and phenomena. I have been studying IR since the first year of my BA and have discovered a love for research and writing that has taken be through honours, a Masters of IR and has brought me here.

My research is focused on Papal diplomacy, and I will be examining how the foreign policy of Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis have impacted the politics of (either) Argentina or Mexico.

I began formally with my primary supervisor in January this year and I am now nearly four months in at the University of Notre Dame. The experience has been like coming home for me and apart from a few bad days and wisdom teeth removal, I have never felt quite so purposeful or driven. This is the first thing for me to give myself a little space to write about what I’m working on, what I’ve been reading, how frustrating/awesome PhD life is and clearing my thoughts on how arguments are shaping up.

Stay tuned, or skip to some of the other stuff I’ve written cos this might be really boring… and, lets be honest… I’m here for the tudor cap.


Compliments welcome, but I'll settle for criticism...

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