I’m Back in Writing Action!

So this poor little space fell by the wayside for the last few months. Lots of things have been happening, and also not much has been happening too.

Things that have happened:

  • I finished my Masters of International Relations!
  • I have secured a place as a tutor at my university which is one step closer to forging a career in academia and extending myself drastically through teaching.
  • We had a major flood down at our beloved property that has destroyed roads and made a major mess. When your average rainfall per annum is about 250 ml and then you get 300-350 ml IN ONE DAY, you got problems.
  • I went to my very first academic conference, OCIS 2016 and academic symposium, which was all very exciting and inspiring.
  • We had a really boring federal election. I should have made a drinking game out if it, it was so damn predictable.
  • Something else exciting that I can’t reveal just yet…

Things that are still coming

  • PhD proposal, due at the end of this month. *breathing heavily*
  • Something else that is amazing and terrifying at the same time…
  • Being responsible for the formation of tender first-year university student minds.

There are just those times in life, when everything that you have been working towards and dreaming about suddenly starts falling into place. If you have never had that feeling before, let me warn you, when it does happen, it happens all at once and very fast. That was something I was not quite anticipating.

Oh well… I’ve always loved roller coasters so I’m not going to complain when life becomes one! On the plus side, the whole feeling is hugely energising and I have lots of stuff marinating that needs to get on paper. So it will, here’s hoping.


Compliments welcome, but I'll settle for criticism...

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