Via Crucis

This was originally published on my old blog, Rebel Catholic that recorded my adventures doing a nun run in 2013. I’m republishing it here in honour of the third anniversary since I returned home and the beginning of life in the married vocation I am called to. 

Part 10 : Via Crucis

Originally Published: Monday 5th August, 2013

Today’s agenda is Catechesis at Samba City and then Stations of the Cross on where else but Copacabana beach!

It was a beautiful day and not too hot or too cold.
So today’s theme was Mission and we had Bish Mark Coleridge. He was pretty good. Napier was still my favourite. So then we got lunch there and made an attack plan of gettin to Copa without being squished. Doug had to go back to Aussie Central to grab something so I kept him company. Everyone was going to try and get the metro which neither of us fancied so we decided to check out the 9 km walk and were treated to this!
We also discovered a McCafe and discovered that the Brazillian idea of a cappuccino is a giant mocha.
We got there about half an hour before Pope Francis was due to arrive and they had completely blocked off the crossing to the beach. So we walked an extra 1 and a half km down the main drag, found a Benedictine in a tree and caught a glimpse of Pope Francis through the crowd and then got across to the sand.
The group had secured the same spot we had on Tuesday so we found our way there and waited for everything to begin.
The stations were quite interesting modern mixture of live reenactment, posing and freeze framing and sets and statues. Not sure it worked but it was a bit more exciting than Madrid’s which was a bunch of statues. Afterwards, Matt Maher was playing so a bunch of us headed into the mosh. Doug and I got uncomfortable so we went back to join Natty Sarah and the Prasard and Josh’s dance party at the back.
The stage however, looked really cool and the set up was really pro.

The concert however, was cut short but anti-government protestors again. Theses dudes were more troublesome and were all masked in Guy Fawkes masks.

So we went to dinner and headed home to get ready for the big walk tomorrow and the overnight vigil.

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