2017 on BNi$

It’s a little over a month into 2017 and it has so far begun with a really strong sense of fresh, new start after a very intense end to last year. I suppose getting married and starting a new stage of adulthood has amplified this sense, but I digress…

This post is an official record of my writing goals and changes that I want to implement on this blog. It’s here because writing it down makes it real and will stand as a measure of progress.

Over the years this blog has been a travel log, rant-container, attempt at serious commentary, and random bits and pieces that have come out of my head.

I’m now doing a PhD, I’ve gotten married and it’s time to take the blog along a maturing process. I’m still going to discuss impolite dinner conversation topics of religion and politics together. But it’s going to be more disciplined, but still a more personal outlet to complement and enhance my professional writing.

Concretely turning that into action, I aim to:

  1. Update weekly The PhD Thing as a way to help me see the progress I’m making and to give me a break from academic writing.
  2. Write one topical essay (1000 words plus) once a month on something that is impolite to discuss at dinner that has occurred within that month.
  3. Write a review of what books I’ve been reading once a month. All of the books, academic and not.

Since all good things come in threes, I will not shoot myself in the foot by doing too much more. I give myself a review point of three months from now to see how I am tracking and whether or not I need to modify them.

This blog’s fundamental purpose is to help me, the writer be better at writing. Whilst deliberate audience building is not a goal of this blog, the fastest way to be a better writer is feedback. So if you are reading this (or anything else) and love it (or hate it), please do not hesitate comment away!

Image Credit: By MsSaraKelly (Back to the Future by Graffiti Life) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “2017 on BNi$

  1. I like how you motivate yourself and taking baby steps in order to reach your goals. 🙂

    P.S – I guess you need a little correction with the year out there ^^


  2. eloisabunny says:

    I like how detailed you are in listing your goals you want to achieve. Nice theme of the blog, simple but appealing to readers.
    If you have time pls check out my blog too. Thank you! 😊


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