Salutations from the Literature Review

First, I know I have been slack with the writing on the blog. I’ve been buried in paper and Scrivener trying to force some momentum on the literature review now supplemented by an impending deadline. For it to be serious (or I won’t actually write anything) I’ve requested my supervisor enforce a consequence.

So I’ve had a proverbial ‘sword of Damocles’ over my head in the form of a ‘Dunce cap’ that I will have to wear if I don’t make the deadline April. I’m calling it the ‘Dunce of Damocles’.

It makes me giggle. Especially at the thought of imaginary robed Athenians face palming and sputtering about idiotic youth bastardising important cautionary tales.

I’ve also had a good learning curve with referencing software. I have in fact discovered the joys of EndNote and how much easier it makes my life. I’ve also finally figured out footnotes in Scrivener integrated with EndNote and Word as well. This stuff is crack for researchers. It is amazing.

My slow, torturous progress towards greater self-discipline is happening.  It has been humbling too, a lesson that I have learned from two scholars that I want to be when I grow up. These two are a brilliant model of how to have a disagreement and build a relationship at the same time. This Lent has been tough. I haven’t come out of the desert, out of the desolation I was describing before, but there is a well. I’ve read a lot and I’m writing more. I’ll report back soon on whether the horsehair holding the Dunce cap breaks.



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