The horse hair held

A brief note between appointments to say that I made my deadline and the draft is not as terrible as I thought it looked when my nose was to the grindstone. I’ve still got some ways to go until my literature review is complete. Mostly reading about the ‘Post-Secular’ turn in International Relations.

I avoided the Dunce Cap and I am quite pleased. It forced me over a very important hurdle of writing something substantial. There is a paralysis that one gets when it hits them that they are writing a book and expose their thoughts, ideas and passions to an audience that will not always be kind. Its a real form of vulnerability that can be genuinely scary to face.

I am absolutely sure that this is why you have supervisors at PhD level and absolutely why they read your drafts first. Hopefully they are as constructive in their feedback as mine are, and give affirmation when it is due. I don’t care how strong or independent you are, everyone needs a little affirmation that you are on the right track in the mostly solo headspace that is a PhD research project.

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up with another draft section and due. I do have some things in the pipeline, mostly longer essays and a couple of summaries about where I’m at with the thesis. Wish me luck and I will be in touch again soon!

Image Credit: Max Pixel: Free Great Image


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