Prostitution & Consent: Answering a Critique of the Nordic Model

Of the many people I follow on twitter, one of the is Megan Murphy, a contributor to Feminist Current who’s work provides a very interesting mix of feminist commentary and activism. In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that every time some one talks about prostitution or the ‘Nordic Model’ (here’s an explainer for those unfamiliar with the term), someone asks but ‘what if the woman consents?’ ‘What about women’s freedom to choose what she does with her body?’ ‘Why should the government stop consenting adults from engaging in a orgasm-economic exchange?’ Or some variation of that theme.

My thought piece for the month is a little ambitious, but bear with me: I will attempt to demonstrate that criminalising the purchase of sex (as opposed to the selling of sex) gives women (and men) greater human dignity and rights than any other approach we have had to dealing with prostitution.

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On Making the ‘Worst Form of Family Planning’ a little more bearable

A couple of months ago, I wrote this post. To my surprise, it got a fair few hits for this humble little blog of which 10 views is a good day. I can’t tell if it was the content or timing, so I’ve decided to follow up the post with a little bit of good news for Sympto-Thermal FAM users.

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The Worst Form of Family Planning…

In taking after Winston Churchill, I am going to boldly declare the following:

Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs also known as Natural Family Planning) is like democracy, its the worst form of family planning, except for all the others we’ve tried…

…As this Cracked Video so bluntly illustrates:

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When I’m Embarrassed to be a Feminist

Before: Machism, Today: feminism :-)
I was enjoying a coffee date with a girlfriend and she directed me to this article that did the rounds on her Facebook news feed. It’s an article from xojane titled ‘35 Practical Steps Men can take to Support Feminism‘. Aside from the slightly cringe-worthy title, I hoped that it would be interesting.

I was wrong. The more I read the more mortified I became. If I was reading the article on my phone instead of my friend’s it probably would have been flung into the traffic in disgust. For the first time, I sympathise with the “I’m not a feminist because…” crowd. I won’t inflict a point by point analysis upon you. Instead I will give you just the highlights. Starting with the first ‘practical’ suggestion.

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Neutering the Poor

Margret Sanger called, she want’s her policy back.

Contraception begins at home

Gary Johns is at it again with his proposed ‘solution’ to the problem of cyclical poverty. This time he has jumped on the outrage-wagon over footage of pregnant Billie Jo on Struggle Street. He has argued previously that all long-term welfare recipients should be mandated to take medium to long term contraceptives in order to prevent inter-generational poverty and alleviate the cost to taxpayers.

Whilst on the surface, it seems like a sensible idea, the implications of applying such a policy amounts a gross violation of human rights and a massive overstretch of government authority.

No Society, I will not apologise for my fertility

Morning Harvest Dear society-at-large,

I am writing this because I have had enough. A story recently made headlines detailing a shiny new ‘perk’ provided by Apple and Facebook. This shiny, innovative perk is that Apple and Facebook will now contribute up to twenty thousand dollars to cover the costs for their female employees to have their eggs frozen. Presumably so that they don’t ‘waste’ their time and talents on pregnancy and children. I have one thing to say to you society who thinks this is an excellent idea… I am so done apologising for my fertility and I am so done with this stupidly schizophrenic attitude to women having babies. In fact…

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