Screw being ‘spiritual’, I need religion and so does everyone.

A lot of people put this division between ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’. I’m not sure when it started, but these days is now a pretty annoying, and trite cliché to inform anyone who has ears, “I’m like, spiritual but not religious.”

Of all the annoying 1960s-nostalgic clichés that make up the furniture of slightly-tipsy dinner party conversation, this one really sticks in my craw. I swear, my jaw visibly twitches and hapless guest unleashes a very pointed discussion about why this statement is not only stupid, but usually, completely hypocritical.

So, we have a hypothetical dinner party, a bottle of wine has been emptied, the last of the main course is being scraped off the plate and conversation takes on a deeper tone that only emerges after the usual inhibitions have been drawn down by mild intoxication and a full belly.

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