Millennial Catholic Problems: Ash Wednesday

Yes it is here! Quick! Is there anything else I can give up apart from chocolate that won’t kill me slowly, like coffee??

I went to Mass at 7am and got ashed and then walked to work and had all of the double takes, looks and gestures which inspired me to write this list. This is just a starting point so feel free to tell me what other problems you’ve had on Ash Wednesday.

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#1 Favourite Place in Sicily

Author’s note: So this should have gone out in September last year, but alas, I forgot about my drafts folder. So here you go! Enjoy a last piece of Sicily. I very much enjoyed reliving the memories too.

One word. One City… Siracusa.

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7 Things about Sicily.

So this is the first chance I have had to write anything since landing in Sicily. To keep things simple for everyone, (but mostly me…) I am going to do a travel log via lists! They will consist of Seven things that I will update and add to as we go along. So stay tuned! The first list is coming…

The list of the lists: 

7  Hilarious and Amusingly Notable Things about Sicily

6 Yummy Things from Sicily

5 Frustrating  things about Sicily

4 of the Best & Most Unusual Views in Sicily

3 Natural Wonders of Sicily You Need to See

2 of Sicily’s Best off-the-beaten-track Places

#1 Favourite Place in Sicily.

When I’m Embarrassed to be a Feminist

Before: Machism, Today: feminism :-)
I was enjoying a coffee date with a girlfriend and she directed me to this article that did the rounds on her Facebook news feed. It’s an article from xojane titled ‘35 Practical Steps Men can take to Support Feminism‘. Aside from the slightly cringe-worthy title, I hoped that it would be interesting.

I was wrong. The more I read the more mortified I became. If I was reading the article on my phone instead of my friend’s it probably would have been flung into the traffic in disgust. For the first time, I sympathise with the “I’m not a feminist because…” crowd. I won’t inflict a point by point analysis upon you. Instead I will give you just the highlights. Starting with the first ‘practical’ suggestion.

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