2017 on BNi$

It’s a little over a month into 2017 and it has so far begun with a really strong sense of fresh, new start after a very intenseĀ end to last year. I suppose getting married and starting a new stage of adulthood has amplified this sense, but I digress…

This post is an official record of my writing goals and changes that I want to implement on this blog. It’s here because writing it down makes it real and will stand as a measure of progress.

Over the years this blog has been a travel log, rant-container, attempt at serious commentary, and random bits and pieces that have come out of my head.

I’m now doing a PhD, I’ve gotten married and it’s time to take the blog along a maturing process. I’m still going to discuss impolite dinner conversation topics of religion and politics together. But it’s going to be more disciplined, but still a more personal outlet to complement and enhance my professional writing.

Concretely turning that into action, I aim to:

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