What’s with the name?

So as previously mentioned, I am a millennial Catholic with more than enough tertiary education to have developed a bad case of the cynics that mostly sees it’s expression in writing.

One of those cynical observations that inspired this blog name is the fact that ‘old-fashioned’ things are suddenly in demand again. Mostly, this demand is driven by my generation that is craving for something familiar, traditional and are willing to pay for it. From polaroid cameras, to Mini Coopers that cost more than my Master’s degree, to the popularity of paleo diets, to the dozens of articles titled “X number of things that made X era great” that clog-up Buzzfeed… the hankering for a late 20th-century world before the internet is like a magnetic field guiding millennial’s desperate quest of meaning making in a post-modern spiritual wasteland we came of age into.

So that’s why I named this blog “Because nostalgia is expensive”: that real craving for roots, for anchorage in tradition that is greater than ourselves is something that marketers have seized on to exploit. This blog is for musing on that nostalgia drive in it’s varied manifestations and the way people exploit it for good and for ill.